Quicklinks for July 28, 2007

Jul 28th, 2007 by Jared Schwager
  1. Does it bug you that you can only zoom text in Firefox? ArsTechnica is reporting that Firefox version 3.0 will have full-page zooming like that of Internet Explorer 7 and Opera.
  2. Today uTorrent was re-branded as the official Bittorrent client. Version 6.0 and on of Bittorrent will be based off the ever-popular uTorrent client.
  3. BBCs new iPlayer has finally arrived and many users are not happy that the player will only run on computer running Windows XP. Yes, you read right. The iPlayer won’t work on your shiny, new Vista machine. If you’re running XP and would like to try the beta, you can download and test it.

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