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Aug 24th, 2007 by Jared Schwager

I’ve noticed that I have been focusing a bit too much on topics involving only Windows lately and I’d like to ask you, the reader, what you’re most interested in, whether it be web apps, software reviews or anything else you see a category for in the sidebar. I will be getting a Macbook soon (whenever Leopard is released), so I will definitely be writing quite a few more more posts involving Mac OS X.

Go ahead and post a comment on either a topic you want me to write about more often or a specific post you’d like me to do.

I just thought I’d also throw this out. Ankesh is a good friend of mine and runs a great blog on tips & tricks for blogging. Go ahead and check it out here: http://blogclout.com/blog/

Also wanted to thank all of you who comment on my blog on a regular basis such as Robbie P and Ryan.

EDIT: Oh, and I thought I’d just let you know a new site design is in the works for Grupenet, which is one of the reasons I have been slacking off at posting this week.

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  1. August 26th, 2007 at 7:00 pm Ryan says:
    Ryan's Gravatar

    Write about Apple computers an OSX. I just switched over at home after getting a graphic design job at a place that is all Apple.

    I would be interested in home networking and media, automated backups (and time machine), etc.

  2. August 27th, 2007 at 8:39 pm Jared Schwager says:
    Jared Schwager's Gravatar

    Ryan, thanks for your input. Once I purchase my Macbook I will definitely be posting a bunch more Apple-related stuff. I’ll also look into posting some other info on the other topics you’ve mentioned.

  3. August 28th, 2007 at 4:51 pm Robbie P. says:
    Robbie P.'s Gravatar

    Well, Linux would be nice.
    Your personal views on Open-source,
    maybe some predictions on the future of Ubuntu?
    Maybe some comparison on Linux and Mac?
    I know that Mac is Linux-based, but still, since Mac
    is proprietary, it has changed allot.

    (PS: Don’t believe me that Mac is based on Linux?
    It is based on the obsolete Darwin Linux.)

  4. August 29th, 2007 at 8:25 pm Welcome to the new Grupenet | Grupenet says:
    Welcome to the new Grupenet | Grupenet's Gravatar

    [...] Now I will get back to cranking out some more great posts now that I’m all done with the site design. Look forward to some new Mac OS X and Linux content as requested by a some readers. [...]

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