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Getting The Best Home Security

Raise your property value – and your neighbor’s. Neighborhoods with low crime are in high demand by buyers who want to feel safe in their new home. A home security system is a great way to deter break-ins, thus lowering the crime in your area. If everyone on the block has a home security system, crime can drop dramatically because thieves will avoid the area altogether. Homes in low-crime areas can fetch a significantly higher price than comparable homes in dangerous neighborhoods.

Outdoor lighting works very well in conjunction with a home security system. If your house is lit by exterior lighting, it can prevent criminals from marking your home as an easy target.

Have you considered the effect of the lighting? Something as simple as quality lighting can be a great Home Security tool in an apartment. Setting up light timers will keep thieves guessing as they figure the odds of taking a stab at your apartment or moving on down the lane. All it takes is a bit of doubt for you to gain the edge in this battle of wits.

For this strategy to deter a thief, however, the thief has to know it is there. This is why it is really very important that homeowners put up the security company stickers and signs around the exterior of the home. Consider a home with this paraphernalia and one without it. If you were a thief, which one would you go after? Burglars usually aren’t the sharpest tool in the tool box, but even they will go for the home with no indication of security systems.

About three quarters of all false burglar alarms are the result of user error. So there’s quite a bit you can do to prevent them. These are a few steps that will ensure that your home security system only alerts the authorities when it’s the real thing.

Increase your voluntary excess. This is one of the best ways to reduce your long-term premiums significantly. As a word of caution, it will also increase your out-of-pocket expense if you need to make a claim. So if your home experiences minor damage, it might be wiser to repair your home using funds from your personal savings. However, even if you have to file a claim or two after increasing your voluntary excess, it is still possible that your out-of-pocket expense would be lower than if the voluntary excess had remained unchanged.

Where does the balcony lead? Balconies are very popular places for burglars to come and go in apartment buildings. For one thing, they have access to a sliding door which is one of the easiest things to fall off track and lose its ability to protect. The solution in this case is to have a door sensor installed – preferable a recessed contact – so unplanned movements will trigger an alert to your home security system.